First of all, I would like to thank Tina for organizing this seminar and say how joyful I was to be part of it. Overall the seminar was well thought out and well crafted. Tina as a speaker is amazing when it comes to conveying the message across. She presents a topic with so much expression; it makes it easy for listeners to connect with her. Speaking of connecting, Tina presented many of her own real life examples, which made the talk very light and detailed at the same time. Lastly I want to say I was very glad I attended the seminar because I know the information I received from Tina will help me immensely in my relationships.

Dr. Sonali – Pharm D

I was pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot to say, but I’ll try to be brief. Tina simplifies one of the most important but a complicated and under-discussed subject there is. My wife and I both learned more about how to understand each other’s needs at the deepest level. I am so glad my wife insisted on attending this seminar. We are very happy together so at first, I was wondering why I would need this seminar. However, the seminar was very interactive. Tina Gill is an exceptional presenter and motivational coach. She helped us to take our happy relationship to the next level. The impact of the seminar on us was great. Throughout the seminar, we had many formal & informal discussions between us. We are already so excited to have a follow-up session soon! I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to take their relationship to the next level!
Dr. Dhaval

M.D., Psychiatrist

Personally, I do not have any issues with my relationship with my wife. However, both my wife and I along with many of our couple-friends attended Tina’s Passionate Love Forever seminar. We were all glad that we attended the seminar! It was an eye-opening session in the sense that we got to peep into how our partner perceives the world in a totally different way. In fact, as Tina Gill says, this is the key to better communication and understanding. Tina covered many things in this session that I wish I had known at the beginning of my relationship. But as she said in the session, it is never too late to improve your relationship. Tina Gill is an amazing coach! I highly recommend this fun-filled, informative, eye-opening seminar for anyone who wants to better their relationship!
Ashish and Mona

Sr. Software Engineer, at Garmin International

What an extraordinary experience! Love it! My take was to love your partner no matter what! I highly recommend the attend Tina Gill’s seminar.
Rupesh Patel

Computer Software Consultant

The Passionate Love Forever seminar was a wonderful learning experience. As a single person in today’s world, finding a good, meaningful relationship is really difficult. Add to that unrealistic expectations and views about what a relationship should be like, and you have a recipe for disaster. This seminar helped me realize that relationships take a lot of work, but if you go in truly knowing what is important to you and are ready to put in the hard work, then chances are that your relationship will be long and happy. I learned through Tina that I have to first work on myself and put myself first before I can truly focus on a relationship. Tina showed me that I have to know who I really am before going into a relationship. Tina’s approach was very interactive and entertaining. Every second of the seminar offered me new insights about relationships and I learned a lot about my own personal growth. I highly recommend anyone to attend a seminar done by Tina, it really was an amazing experience.
Dr. Shreya Patel

Pharm D.

We recommend the Passionate Love Seminar to everyone. Even couples who are already happy can figure out what they can do to add even more joy, love, and passion into their lives. We have been married for 20 years and have two beautiful children. We were very eager and curious to learn new things about how to bring more passion into our lives. We loved Tina’s humor and style in explaining the material which really brought out the best in all of us in the seminar. We loved the section on how to put your partner first and that was the game-changer for me. We would definitely encourage everyone to attend this seminar to bring back the passion or have more passion in the life and to live happily for a long time.
Smit Gandhi

Regional Vice President Of Operations, at Interface Rehab, Inc Devanshi Gandhi- Business Analyst, Senior- Salesforce at West Coast University

Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar! Great realization for me that how much small things of appreciation and love can affect in your Day to Day! Highly recommend to attend the next seminar/coaching session of Tina!!!!
Amit Patel

Associate Director, Apollo Global Management Inc.